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GEI aims to educate, equip and empower grassroots activists in modern campaign techniques to advance economic competitiveness, limited government, and free markets.


Can Your State Pay Its Bills?

“Tax revenues that have not kept up with expenditures . . . significant debt levels as a result of decades of using bonds without being able to pay for them.” Is your state fiscally solvent, or in danger of becoming bankrupt thanks to out of control spending?

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US Economic Freedom Ranking Drops to 17th

The United States has fallen 15 spots in the Economic Freedom ranking since 2000, from 2nd to 17th overall. Why is this so important? Nations that are economically free out-perform other nations in GDP, life expectancy, political and civil liberties, and more!

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AFP Foundation Releases New Policy Brief on Online Learning

Coming on the heels of a disappointing legislative session for school choice, Americans for Prosperity Foundation released a policy brief on online learning today explaining virtual schools’ exciting new frontier of educational freedom.

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The Great Equalizer

AFP Foundation publishes a paper on Online Learning and how outstanding education opportunities are available in a diverse learning environment. School choice has empowered millions of students from low-income families or failing public schools with access to a high-quality education.

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Need to Know

Americans for Prosperity Foundation's "Need to Know" informational series explores current events and recent scholarship on public policy issues from a free-market economics perspective. Click here to read our Need to Knows.

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