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AFPF Supports School Choice Week

There is nothing more painful than seeing your child struggle in an educational system that just doesn’t work.  How do we achieve what’s best for our kids?  We continue to show that school choice works! To help spread the message, AFP Foundation’s state chapters will be hosting school choice events across the nation. Join us-we can’t do this without you!

Don’t Say No Wisconsin

Our children deserve the very best education possible. We need to embrace competition in our schools and offer choices that match the right kid with the right education.

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All Parents Deserve the Right to Choose

March 20, 2013

ALL PARENTS DESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE AFP Foundation Wisconsin airing radio ads to encourage more education choices for parents MADISON, Wis. — In an effort to educate the public on the importance of school choice and parent empowerment, Americans for Prosperity Foundation- Wisconsin began airing a series of radio ads.  The ads focus on […]

Marquette Law School Poll Shows Majority Support Expanding School Choice

March 20, 2013

51% of Wisconsinites support expanding School Choice according to a new poll by the Marquette Law School.  37% support expanding statewide and 14% support expanding only to large districts with failing schools.  This shows that Wisconsin families want more options in their schooling, not less.  Vouchers are only part of the solution along with expanded […]

Wigderson Column: Should We Fund Children or Buildings?

February 27, 2013

This is the central question when talking about School Choice.  Do we want our tax dollars to ensure each of our kids gets a great education or to fund buildings?  Every kid deserves a great education and they should be able to go where they learn best.  We need to fund kids not buildings.  James […]

Hope Christian High School Announces 100% College Acceptance

February 15, 2013

This week it was announced that for the second year in a row, Hope Christian High School had 100% of their seniors accepted to college.  This is just one of the many school choice success stories in the Milwaukee Area.  We need to nurture innovative educational opportunities for all students. No child should be denied choices like […]

The Comprehensive Longitudinal Evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

February 06, 2013

Last year, a 5 year study was conducted by the University of Arkansas studying the effectiveness of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. Among the findings was that choice students had graduation, college acceptance and college persistence rates of 4-7 points higher than MPS students. These improved numbers also came at $52 million in savings to […]

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