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Can Your State Pay Its Bills?

“Tax revenues that have not kept up with expenditures . . . significant debt levels as a result of decades of using bonds without being able to pay for them.” Is your state fiscally solvent, or in danger of becoming bankrupt thanks to out of control spending?

AFPF Supports School Choice Week

There is nothing more painful than seeing your child struggle in an educational system that just doesn’t work.  How do we achieve what’s best for our kids?  We continue to show that school choice works! To help spread the message, AFP Foundation’s state chapters will be hosting school choice events across the nation. Join us-we can’t do this without you!

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Friedman Legacy Day 2013 Wrap-Up

August 01, 2013 J

Yesterday, groups throughout the nation celebrated what would have been Milton Friedman's 101st birthday. Friedman believed that it was criminal to leave children in failing public schools. He believed that competition was the best way to increase choice for parents and students. And because of competition, public and private schools would be forced to provide effective learning environments or risk losing resources.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation Discusses School Choice, Celebrates Economist Milton Friedman with Events

July 29, 2013 J

Americans for Prosperity Foundation will host three events around the state this Wednesday to discuss school choice and celebrate the 101st birthday of Milton Friedman, one of the greatest economists of the 20th Century. Friedman believed that giving parents and children choices over their education could positively transform state and national economic landscapes.

Friedman Legacy Day 2013: Celebrate School Choice

July 08, 2013 J

Join us and honor Dr. Milton Friedman on July 31st, which would have been his 101st birthday, as part of a national day of recognition for the Nobel Laureate, his work, theories, and contributions. The three events are being sponsored by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and will explore how Dr. Friedman’s strong advocacy for [...]

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