Broad Nonpartisan Coalition Supports School Choice Reforms

January 31, 2013

Reforms Benefit Most Vulnerable Children, Help All Students Achieve

Arlington, VA- Today, Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) released the following statement in support of School Choice Reforms.

“Some of the groups supporting school choice include: Americans for Prosperity Foundation, National Minority Educators Association for Charter Schools, Michelle Rhee’s Students First, The Heritage Foundation, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and American Enterprise Institute,” said AFP Foundation President Tim Phillips. “We appreciate this wide variety of groups for their efforts to strengthen choice in education for students. With such widespread support it is incredibly disappointing that some teachers’ unions seem more concerned about maintaining the status quo than embracing the clear benefits these education reforms provide to all our children.

“The people and groups who oppose school choice are standing in the way of progress and a lifetime of opportunities for the poorest among us. Sadly the opponents of school choice care more about their own interests than millions of poor, minority children being educated in failing schools, when better options and better schools are available.”

AFP Foundation dispelled many of the myths of the school choice movement yesterday. For more information click here.

The main opponents to school choice including the National Education Association, The American Federation of Teachers, Nancy Pelosi, and Karen Lewis, leader of the Chicago Teachers Union, who are frequently against even the most basic of school reforms such as merit-based teacher pay. The NEA has gone so far as to say “It is not because of the merit of our positions. It is not because we care about children … [we] are effective advocates because we have power.” (National Education Association’s retiring top lawyer, Bob Chanin, speaking at the NEA’s annual meeting in July, 2009).

“AFP Foundation and the groups who support school choice recognize that education is a matter of fundamental fairness. Instead of focusing on grown-ups, we should be focusing on giving kids the best chance to succeed in school and in life,” said AFP Foundation President Tim Phillips.

Earlier in the week, AFP Foundation released an extensive review of the major education reforms in our country. Please click here to read that report.

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