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Can Your State Pay Its Bills?

“Tax revenues that have not kept up with expenditures . . . significant debt levels as a result of decades of using bonds without being able to pay for them.” Is your state fiscally solvent, or in danger of becoming bankrupt thanks to out of control spending?

AFPF Supports School Choice Week

How do we achieve what’s best for our kids?  We continue to show that school choice works! To help spread the message, AFP Foundation’s state chapters will be hosting school choice events across the nation. Join us-we can’t do this without you!

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The Mercatus Center Ranks NC 33rd in Fiscal Solvency for 2012

February 03, 2014 J

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has released a chart that ranks states by fiscal solvency, or the ability to pay the bill for all of their long-term liabilities.  The three most financially stable states were Alaska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Unsurprisingly, finishing in the bottom three were Illinois, Connecticut, and, in dead [...]

Income Inequality: Framing the Problem

January 23, 2014 J

Rest assured that income inequality will be a main focus of the President’s speech next week. However, as lovers of liberty are keenly aware, it’s not about how divergent our society’s wealth is, it’s about the opportunities that our society provides for everyone to achieve prosperity. By framing income inequality as the problem, progressives can [...]

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