The Prosperity Minute!

The Prosperity Minute!

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AFP Foundation citizen activists joined together on February 12 in Parsippany for a State of the Union Town Hall event and to promote AFPF’s message of Economic Freedom! AFP State Policy Manager Nicole Kaeding delivered an insightful presentation on the federal budget and spending crisis. Four members of the New Jersey Legislature, including Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-26) and Assemblymen Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25), John DiMaio (R-23) and Erik Peterson (R-23), discussed state policy matters and fielded a number of questions from activists in attendance. Here are some pictures from AFPF’s town hall event!

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Dodd Frank 0.small The Prosperity Minute!IS THE DODD-FRANK LAW UNCONSTITUTIONAL?
Mayor Steve Lonegan talks about how the Dodd-Frank law is an attack on the separation of powers, giving the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, unchecked power over credit allocation without oversight from Congress, the President or the courts. Rather than ending taxpayer-funded bailouts, Dodd-Frank institutionalizes them by empowering unelected bureaucrats at the newly created Financial Stability Oversight Council to determine which financial institutions are deemed “too big to fail”. Now, the constitutionality of the Dodd-Frank power grab is being challenged in court.

Listen to AFP Foundation’s Prosperity Minutes on the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Assault!
Dodd-Frank – “Bailouts” | Dodd-Frank- “Too Big To Fail” | Dodd-Frank – “Separation of Powers” | Dodd-Frank – “Checks and Balances” | Dodd-Frank – “Ex Post Facto”

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vertical black torch The Prosperity Minute!
Despite millions in taxpayer subsidies and other tax breaks, the recently-opened Revel Casino is turning out to be an epic failure, generating some of the worst revenues in AC. The Revel is just another example of why government should stop picking winners and losers in the marketplace with our tax dollars and should instead focus on its core functions like building roads…and protecting our economic freedom. (CLICK TO LISTEN)

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Recently the Department of Homeland Security issued a $200 million grant to UC-Berkeley to purchase an armored assault vehicle for their campus! As Mayor Steve Lonegan explains, so long as government bureaucrats have the power to waste our tax dollars in such fashion, the economic freedom of the American people will be sacrificed. (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Townhall.com: UC-Berkeley Uses Federal Grant to Buy $200,000 Armed Personnel Carrier

vertical black torch The Prosperity Minute!THE FOLLY OF NJ’S OFFSHORE WINDMILL SUBSIDIES
New Jersey has committed $100 million for an offshore wind project, but without taxpayer subsidies offshore wind could not succeed in the free marketplace. Read about the true costs of New Jersey’s offshore wind project below. (CLICK TO LISTEN)

The Beacon Hill InstituteThe Cost and Economic Impact of New Jersey’s Offshore Wind Initiative
While the nation awaited the Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was fast at work trying to entrench the federal health care takeover, dishing some $3 BILLION for ObamaCare co-ops and exchanges. (CLICK TO LISTEN)

Click below to read more:

Americans for Prosperity: Welcome to ObamaCare Part XI: HHS Spends Wildly


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